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Everyone is feeling it: a huge turning point is currently taking place. The largest transfer of wealth in recent history is taking place. Galloping inflation, war in Europe, a new bloc formation between East and West. The course is being set anew. A gigantic challenge for every investor in the capital market.

Those who do not actively look after their assets now will lose assets. Use the many years of experience of professional capital investors to build up and manage your own portfolio.

Our offer: Helping you to help yourself

Together with you, we will develop the optimal and appropriate strategy for your asset protection and wealth accumulation on the global capital market. We are independent of banks and insurance companies, work without commissions, you are the focus of our advice! We do not sell products, we do not broker financial investments, we do not give investment advice.

Follow the development of our current portfolio in real time on this page. Our AI-based Fear & Greed Future reflects our assessment of short- and medium-term investor sentiment.

The AI-based Bictoin Future reflects our assessment of the short- and medium-term price development of Bitcoin.

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